30 Minutes Gameplay Dragon Age: Inquisition Leaks in Cyberspace!

The quality offered by Bioware in the first series of remarkable indeed succeeded in making RPG project “young” they – Dragon Age successful in the market. Managed to attract a huge fan base, this achievement was slightly tarnished because of severe criticism that actually came out strong in the second Dragon Age. Small world, the gameplay is too action, to the lack of freedom to choose and reap the consequences of which became a thorny problem. Answering all these disappointments, Bioware itself promises original sensation which is more pronounced in the next project – Dragon Age: Inquisition. Is this promise fulfilled? You got a little “leak” to judge it and visit FIFA 17 hack coin.

The development process is still in the alpha did not deter the amazing quality of next-gen engine DICE – Frostbite Engine 3.0 is the foundation for development. 30 minute demo has been shown exclusively at the show eventually leaked in cyberspace. Not only the visualization of the existing world, Bioware also show battle mechanics, a little background of the mission, as well as the consequences that are now seen significant action. As a next-gen project, 30 minutes gameplay premiere of FIFA 17 is indeed showed equivalent quality.
Demo who had only shown closed in several major gaming exhibitions during the past few months is finally leaked in cyberspace. 30 minutes This demo shows early form of Dragon Age: Inquisition charming! Interested?

Bioware itself has not confirmed the official release date for Dragon Age: Inquisition, but his plan ready to roll the autumn of 2014, not only for the PC and next-gen, but also the current generation of consoles. WANT!

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Developer The Witcher: DRM was only mask Company!

DRM was revered as one of the anti-piracy mechanism that can be produced most effective games industry. By asking gamers to keep connected in cyberspace, the developer has the power to see copies of games which are illegal and legal at the same time. Successfully? Not at all. Within a short time, the hackers to easily subdue this system for granted. No longer was significant in the eyes of the hijackers, the system makes the original gamer desperate and hassle. But apart from the fact it is clearly shown that DRM mechanism did not work, why many developers and publishers who still insist on carrying the same system? Developer The Witcher give some idea and get NBA Live Mobile 17 coins .

“Visor company”, this is the rational answer thrown by the developer of Polish origin – CD Projekt which is famous through their firm stance about DRM. The CEO – Marcin Iwinski claimed that the actors in the gaming industry understands that DRM is no longer effective to combat piracy. So why is enforced? Due to this being the only form of accountability in the eyes of the bosses, investors, and shareholders. By continuing to impose DRM, this company will look “healthy” and therefore, will not be considered neglect their flagship product and prosecuted. The result? The interests of gamers who are victims.
CEO of CD Projekt – developer of NBA Live MobileĀ  series states that many industry players a game who really understand that DRM is no longer effective menanggulagi piracy. However it is still imposed as a form of “accountability” in the eyes of the bosses, investors, and shareholders.

Therefore, CD Projekt decided to not include DRM mechanism at all for their flagship RPG project – The Witcher. With such policies, CD Projekt wants to build a trusting relationship between developers and gamers base their fans. NBA Live sendiir scheduled to be released in 2014, for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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Some Latest Screenshot Infamous: Second Son

Playstation 4 already arrived in the hands of so many foreign gaming media, which also had the opportunity to try out the games initial release there. Various reviews have also dropped, with a response that appears not as positive as one might imagine. So many media seem to agree with the same views related to the two games next-gen debut: Knack and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Knack seen less evocative and shows no spurs Playstation 4 as the next-gen consoles, while Shadow Fall praise through technology capable graphics, but do not cover aspects of its gameplay weak. Initial release comparatively “weak” is not the end of everything. Playstation 4 still has one other project that deserves to be anticipated – Pokemon Go ball generator.

A new setting, the main character is a teenager with the ability to absorb all abilities Conduit whom he met, Infamous: Second Son promises next-gen experience that dream many gamers who are interested in Playstation 4. Combined with a powerful visualization and concept of the open-world increasingly enhanced, action Delsin this Pokemon Go looks stunning. Some previews and trials of foreign media describe the gameplay is more fluid, faster, and at the same time interesting, especially when Rowe gained the ability Neon, beyond the capability of the main Smoke. This latest screenshot Myriad further increase the value of existing anticipation.

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