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Virtual reality as the future of the gaming industry? Who would have thought that the concept of the future that was often echoed by these past science fiction films turned out to be closer to reality. Thanks to innovation and consistency to refine the main product – Oculus Rift, Oculus VR turns out not only to offer a product that is already long awaited by so many gamers, but also encourage other manufacturers to begin to glance and test the same market. Valve was rumored to be considering their own VR products. But the latest product from Sony is the focus now. Introduced at the GDC 2014 event yesterday, Project Morpheus became the new Hill Climb Racing .

Most of the previews in the external media did provide a very positive response to the first impression of Project Morpheus designed for the Playstation 4. However, this praise was not only slid from the media, but also the “competitor” – Oculus Rift who has begun to show a mature commercial form. Nate Mitchell, co-founder of Oculus VR praised Sony’s move to focus more on the virtual reality market through Project Morpheus. Instead of feeling unchallenged, Hill Climb Racing hack 2017 feels that Sony’s move will provide more benefits for the new VR market.

With Sony’s entry, Mitchell believes that there will be many developers and other companies interested in investing their resources and developing exclusive games for VR technology. With this trend, the VR becomes a potential market for rapid testing. However, Oculus VR is also very hopeful that the games built for Project Morpheus will also be released for PCs to become a market that also supports their existence, given their position as the main peripheral provider for this one platform. But regardless of this, they claim to remain happy that Sony finally decided to join “join”.

With Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus’s increasingly flawless and promising technologies, the future of the gaming industry seems to be looking very promising in this one market. Prepare to save some money!

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