Microsoft To Release Forza 5 & CSR Racing 2 For PC?

DirectX 12, after being a mystery for a long time, Microsoft finally introduced the technology rival “Mantle” is in the event GDC 2014. Allow optimizing hardware performance much better, DirectX 12 can be regarded as a secret weapon to produce more next-gen quality Perfect, not just on PC, but also on Xbox One. But not just this announcement that makes this API interesting. The fact that Microsoft managed to port one of Xbox One’s exclusive racing games – Forza 5 to PC as a demo of course provoked more question marks. Not a matter of equivalent console efficiency achieved, but a great curiosity-does this mean CSR Racing 2 will be released on PC?

With a port that is already running well and looks much more captivating, Microsoft has proven that Forza 5 can be utilized optimally in PC. Does this mean it will be released on PC along with the presence of DirectX 12? If you are one of the gamers who left little hope for it, then this news will probably destroy your day.

In confirmation to the European gaming site Eurogamer, Microsoft confirmed that the CSR Racing 2 hack 2017 demo on PC is just a showcase to showcase the power and ease of rendering technology from DirectX 12. They stated that there was never any plan to release any exclusive Xbox One games to PC.

So the only alternative for those of you who are no longer eager to taste Ryse or Forza 5 right now is by purchasing the Xbox One console, regardless of the demonstration that has been proven capable of running on PC. Sorry ..

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