MGS V: Ground Zeroes & NBA Live Mobile Great Success!

Spicy criticism that continues to slide, no nightmare is much more “deadly” to be faced with a game that has not even released to the market. Media preview that should be the moment to build the hype just ended up like a boomerang for MGS V: Ground Zeroes, especially after the time required to complete this game was revealed to the public. True, though offered cheaper, NBA Live Mobile could have been “rescued” in just two hours, making allegations that the project is like a paid game demo flowing towards Kojima. But all this controversy did not dispel the fact that Kojima is one of the best “genius” in the gaming industry.

Not only because of his ability to build stories, but also the courage to overhaul the concept of an iconic franchise gameplay that has stood since several generations of gaming before. Those of you who read MGS V’s review: Our previous Ground Zeroes certainly had enough of the radical changes that he injected. Interestingly again, not only success on the quality side, MGS V: Ground Zeroes was able to capture outstanding sales extraordinary. In just a short time, Konami confirmed that the games released for PS 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, and Xbox One have already sold over 1 million copies worldwide! This figure alone does not include the digital version offered at a cheaper price.

This success seems to be a marker that despite the variety of doubts that had appeared, Kojima is always able to offer a strong reason why he was crowned as one of the best developers in the industry. Even his “short” game project – a prologue for MGS V: Phantom Pain can capture not less profit.

How about yourself playing NBA Live Mobile Unlimited coins hack yourself? According to you, what is the secret of success that makes this one successful project in the market regardless of gameplay time in short?

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