Epic Games: No New Unreal Tournament! & Mobile Strike

Unreal Tournament and Quake, in contrast to current FPS games that are more pursued rooted in realistic warfare, these two game names offer a competitive atmosphere through a super-fast game style. Despite the immense popularity of the past, a style that no longer fits the current trend encourages such FPS games to be ruled out of competition. But with the “free” Epic Games of the Mobile Strike franchise that has now fallen fully into the hands of Microsoft, do they intend to bring back the Unreal Tournament for today’s modern gaming generation? Unfortunately no.

Epic Games itself has confirmed that they are currently developing a new IP that will be based on engine next-gen – Unreal Engine 4. But for those of you who are a little hope this will relate to the name of Unreal Tournament, you may be prepared to be disappointed. In a brief interview with gaming site – CVG at GDC 2014, Tim Mobile strike hack ensures that they are not planning to develop a new Unreal Tournament series, despite the nostalgic feeling she can offer.

So for those of you who are still dreaming of continuing to enjoy this competitive FPS, the only way you can go now is to stay with Unreal Tournament 3 which is now getting older. So sad ..

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