Clash royale & Persona 4 Will Go to Playstation 3?

Almost most JRPG fans around the world are no stranger to the word “Persona”. Unlike other genre games, Persona explores dark and mysterious themes rather than an epic fantasy trip that asks you to subdue trolls or dragons. Persona is also a chance to taste the lives of the main characters in everyday lifestyle. No wonder, this charm always succeeds Persona as one of the JRPG that is always anticipated. The last release on the Playstation 2 and Playstation Vita, the previous generation console – the Playstation 3 seems to be not only the arrival of Clash royale astuce.

Atlus has already confirmed the exclusive release of Persona 5 for Playstation 3. Although still mysterious with a series of details that are not clear, the title has been announced since last year is automatically become one of the most anticipated JRPG project. But Atlus does not seem to be just preparing for the series. Information obtained from the ESRB rating site also writes Persona 4 as a game to be released for Playstation 3. A HD Remaster project? Or just a re-release via the Playstation 2 Classic? Clash royale  itself still has not provided any extra confirmation regarding this listing.

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