Escape the Summer Heat

Air conditioning is a life saver during the heat of the summertime sun, but it can also drain your funds with the use of electricity. Many people have adopted a more economical approach to summer, using custom window coverings los angeles professionals design to cut the cost of cooling the home. Window coverings reduce the amount of heat that gets into the home by more than 75 percent.


Awnings on your home can reduce the amount of solar heat in the home by more than 60 percent when windows face south and 70 percent when windows face west. To get the most out of your awnings, use light colors so that more sunlight is reflected instead of absorbed.

Drapes & Curtains

On hot summer days, keep the curtains closed – especially on the sides that let sun in. Curtains can reduce a significant amount of heat gained in the home, but this depends on the type of fabric used and the color of the fabric.


When window shades have been properly installed, they are a very simple and highly effective way to save energy in the home and keep the house cool. You should mount them to the glass, getting as close as possible to the window frame to create a sealed space.

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There are different kinds of shades, such as reversible shades with white on one side and a darker color on the other side that can be used in different seasons. In the summer, the white side should be reflecting the sun while the dark side will absorb it in the winter.

Covering your windows can keep the home feeling cool and comfortable throughout the entire summer. You can use your air conditioning unit a lot less, saving money and electricity by using ingenious coverings to reduce heat.