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CD Projekt: Cyberpunk 2077 RPG Game Is A Pure

Most of today’s gamers probably associate the name of CD Projekt – Polish developer with one of the best RPG games in the industry – The Witcher. After the success in the first two series that are not only visually appealing, but also innovative and challenging gameplay, lunge CD Projekt now it will depend on the project next-gen their prime – the closing trilogy – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , But it seems that many gamers who have forgotten that CD Projekt actually still have one game more exciting to look forward to. Absolutely, we’re talking about GTA 5 onlinewas a scene some time ago. As if just disappeared, CD Projekt finally share the latest information related to this .

A concept Cyberpunk is always synonymous with technology and cutting-edge weapons mengelilingiya. Not surprisingly, a lot of speculation regarding the project CD Projekt – Cyberpunk 2077’s, some of them even believe that he will be offered as an online FPS game or a third person. But in an interview with IGN, co-founder of CD Projekt reiterated that GTA 5 is a pure RPG game. Although not share any details, they assured that the project will contain a story of quality, world wide, and all the elements that they learned when developing The Witcher. Of course, they will also offer some new mechanics there.
Dismissed all the speculation that exists, CD Projekt reiterated that Cyberpunk 2077 will continue to carry the pure RPG genre.

This of course is a great relief to many gamers who really want to keep tasting quality RPG games of CD Projekt. Certainty is also reinforced the existing anticipation, especially Cyberpunk themes are indeed countless unique enough to be adapted in the genre this one. No confirmation or further details related to the release time Cyberpunk 2077 alone. Can not wait!

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Quantum Break Gameplay Perhaps Return Next Month

Kontender launch of Xbox One as the latest in next-gen market is staying counting the hours. With markets that have been opened in advance by Playstation 4, Xbox One does offer extra sales value by the number of exclusive games that much more in the moment of release. Dead Rising 3, Forza, ryse: Son of Rome, until Killer Instinct is a mainstay. But what about the condition of these consoles in the future? Besides could show a little teaser about the existence of the series for next-gen Halo, one of the exclusive and ambitious project that deserves to be expected of course is Quantum Break. A mysterious game that will finally start to find a bright spot and get Monster Legends.

Since the initial introduction of the Xbox One to the public, Microsoft is already carries the name Quantum Break as one of the exclusive games that will maximize the potential of Xbox One as the next-gen consoles. Unfortunately, there is no tangible manifestation of how it will be implemented. Quantum Break did not show the form of gameplay at all, other than a cinematic teaser at E3 2013 last. In response to this, the boss of Microsoft Studios – Phil Spencer stated that what awaited these gamers will be realized in the near future. Monster Legends android game  gameplay will probably show debut at the event VGX – December 7, 2013.
After being introduced through a cinematic teaser for the past few months, Microsoft stated that Quantum Break will show the gameplay premiere next month.

It is certainly interesting, considering Microsoft claims that had mentioned that Monster Legends is not a conventional action games. Ambition to combine it with other entertainment media and integrated features Xbox One certainly worth the wait. Curious ..

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How Many GTA V Sold So Far?

one of the most anticipated game in the year 2013, GTA V is able to prove the quality of which has been heralded by Rockstar. Various significant feature additions that he offers proven managed to gain a fantastic income. Solve seven world record with revenues of more than USD 1 billion in just three days of release, GTA V was transformed into a monument to success and a new standard for open-world genre itself. Of course the big question, how much is actually gamer who tasted GTA V in the world today? Take-Two publisher finally share the official figures and get on .

With a fantastic figure in the initial release, not surprisingly if GTA V managed to become the best selling game in the shared region of the world during the month of September 2013 yesterday. Take-Two announced that there are more than 29 million units of GTA V sold during this period, enough to become pulley Take-Two’s revenue increased by more than USD 1:27 billion in the last three months. How fantastic this figure? For the record, GTA IV – the series before the new figure could reach 25 million units in five years after its release in 2008. Extraordinary!
Take-Two confirms GTA V has sold over 29 million units worldwide since its release last September. Extraordinary!

Hopefully this achievement becomes whip strong motivation for Rockstar to produce more games in the future phenomenal. Are the numbers achieved GTA V has the potential to grow significantly and continues to make money for Take-Two in the future? What is needed Take-Two is actually very simple: GTA V PC.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Use Next-Gen Engine

Where gamers who never knew the name of the previous Castlevania big? Konami’s flagship platformer action game that this one is growing into a legend of its own in the previous gaming generations, given the combination of gameplay mechanics between action and RPG platformer that successfully executed perfectly. Being more “modern” injected by the presence of the Lords of Shadow series brought the genre of hack and slash, with a taste that is so cinematic feast for the eyes. The presence of the series sequel – Lords of Shadow 2 even has the potential to bring this experience much more perfect. A new engine was prepared for him.

Regardless of platform releases that still will glide for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, Konami confirms Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will bring the latest engine – Mercury Engine 2 which is designed as a next-gen engine. Konami itself claims that the engine is completely built from scratch. Does this mean that the developers – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle have already started preparing for the transition next-gen? Or is indeed the foundation for the re-release Lords of Shadow for Playstation 4 and Xbox One in the near future? Konami itself has not given any assurance. In addition to confirming this new engine, Konami also share 10 interesting facts for this new series:

  • Costume design of the main characters – Gabriel will be based on the design of the cover of the classic NES Castlevania series – Simon’s Quest
  • Konami had to consider the well-known voice actors like Gerard Butler and Jonathan Rhys Meyers who both had portrayed Dracula
  • LoS 2 menggunakna engine Mercury Engine 2, which is designed for next-gen system from scratch and you canDragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hack on
  • All enemies and characters that appear ever present in previous Castlevania series
  • Lords of Shadow 2 is inspired by the works of Guillermo Del Toro
  • Will combine music that carried the orchestra and electronics.
  • Zobek is the embodiment of Dark Priest Shaf and Death from previous Castlevania games.
  • Event happens in Dracula in Castlevania Curse also carried: Mirror of Fate
  • Hideo Kojima acting as Chupacabras in Castlevania: LoS Japanese version
  • Hoko Kuwashima – Japanese voice actor for Carmilla also serves as Shanoa in Order of Ecclesia.
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 itself will be launched in the year 2014, for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Can not wait!

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Name stretcher sequel to Tomb Raider Lara Croft: Reflections?

Not easy to deliver a game reboot strong enough to live in the shadow of the popularity of the franchise that he stretcher itself. Trying to create something new, but still rooted in the identity of which has been endear make this process more complex. The most obvious example? Look at how Ninja Theory have to deal with the anger of the fans when it decided to change the design character of Dante in DMC. Fortunately, this does not seem obvious difficulties in the process of rebooting Tomb Raider are lured countless positive reactions. Popularity that eventually attracted Square Enix to continue the journey of this young Lara Croft and get Roblox hack on here .

Square Enix itself is long enough to confirm that it is preparing a series of the latest next-gen as a sequel to Tomb Raider. Although Square Enix has not announced any official details and promise to unlock the mysteries of this month of December, a rumor appeared on the registration of trademarks in Europe. Square Enix looks copyrighted the name “Lara Croft: Reflections”, indicating the existence of a sequel series that had been promised. Interesting indeed, given the title more personal approach to the “Lara Croft” and does not mention the word Tomb Raider again in these trademarks.
Square Enix looks to register a trademark on the name “Lara Croft: Reflections” in Europe. Next-gen sequel series Roblox which was announced Square Enix? Most likely!

Not just a sequel series for next-gen, the name Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition also leaked a few days ago in the Amazon Italy, which could provoke speculation that Square Enix will also re-release Tomb Raider Reboot for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. How valid is this information? We wait for the next month! Well, i do hope we finally be Able to play the bigger older Lara in this sequel ..

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EA: The sequel might Titanfall Glides for Playstation 4

If we are talking about one of Microsoft’s flagship weapon to win the competition with the Playstation 4 software side, the big names Titanfall certainly be one of the spearheads that can not be underestimated. Games that would just slide for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC is indeed time sparked its own controversy, especially after the developer – Respawn Entertainment are surprised by the fact that EA and Microsoft deal is done behind them. Cooperation is already happening, but EA confirms that this does not mean they will ignore the Playstation 4 granted and get Madden Mobile on here .

Deal between EA and Microsoft are already sure that Titanfall will not be released for the console outside of Microsoft. Nevertheless, the CFO EA – Blake Jorgensen insists that the possibility to see the name on the Playstation Titanfall indirect closed just like that, maybe not today, but in the upcoming sequel series. But Jorgensen also asserted that this decision will greatly depend on their own development teams. Prior to engaging in further speculation about it, EA is more interested in discussing the current  Madden Mobile which they predict will grow massively in the Xbox One.

Although still persist with the policy exclusive to Xbox One, EA did not rule out the possibility that this franchise will also be rolled into the Playstation in the future. Not for this one series, but a series of sequels in the future. Titanfall itself will glide for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC on March 11 2014. Interested?

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Gran Turismo 7 for Next-Gen Gliding Maybe Next Year

Of all the racing simulation game that is scattered in the market, Gran Turismo is growing into a legend of its own. Not only because of the quality and detail that has always managed to look stunning in every series, but because of the time required by the developer – Polyphony Digital to prepare any existing series. To ensure a level of detail and gameplay mechanics that can represent conditions in the real world, a Gran Turismo may take up more than 3 years before being released to the market. But this one seems the policy will not apply to their next-gen project. Polyphony is not only the pursuit of quality, but also the speed of release

The decision to release the latest series – Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 3 which incidentally is the current generation consoles certainly provoke a question mark. But for gamers Playstation 4 who could not wait to taste a series of next-gen Gran Turismo, the waiting is unlikely to be long. In an interview with Top Gear at the Los Angeles Motor Show, the creator – Kazunori Yamauchi confirms that there is a possibility that the Gran Turismo 7 can already be released, at the earliest next year. With the ability Playstation 4 is much stronger, Yamauchi believes that the overall quality offered will perform more optimally. Gran Turismo 6 itself will glide on 5 December 2013 for the Playstation 3 and you can get NBA Live Mobile.
Although the new Gran Turismo 6 will be launched next month for the PlayStation 3, Polyphony had discussed the existence of Gran Turismo 7 for Playstation 4. Interestingly?

With only takes one year to be released and the release time lag is different from the previous series,  NBA Live for the next-gen 7 is of course a fascinating project to be anticipated. Hopefully not just a “port” of the sixth series with better visualization without additional features at all. Fingers crossed!

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Gamer mode DOTA 2 Most Annoying!

MOBA admittedly is one of the most competitive genres in the gaming industry. In contrast to other genre that is still possible to play alone, MOBA is designed to be played in teams, and making cooperation as one of the essential keys to enjoy it. Cooperation, the complexity of the game, and gameplay that always take you in a precarious situation against players from other parts of the world were indeed appeal is hard to resist. Those who have mastered the mechanics will essentially be easily caught up in the charm of this one. Moreover, if we talk about an ambitious product from Valve – DOTA 2.

An interesting article or the outpouring of the heart, you are free to choose. But as a gamer who is quite active in the world “per-DOTA 2’s” reward and punishment mechanism applied by Valve to create healthier communities did not go as well as expected. The players who are often forced to compromise and work in teams, eliminating egos to ensure a team that is able to offer more qualified turns combo attacks continue to leave a series of problems. Instead stressful or fun, there are so many specific moments that will easily destroy the existing experience. Especially if you meet with gamers DOTA 2 is super annoying and get Marvel Contest of Champions .

Although it can not be generalized if the same thing happened in other MOBA games LoL and HON class that is not familiar to us, but this is the type of gamer 10 DOTA 2 according JagatPlay, the most annoying:

1. Pick the Last Hero

Apart from the fact that he often combines gamers unfamiliar with each other in a match the same, DOTA 2 (or maybe games MOBA) actually has one norm “unwritten”, where you have to simply adapt to hero other gamers to ensure combination right or simply filling a role that is still not enough. Extra resentment often result from the game, gamers who do not understand the concept as this one, especially when they become picker for the last hero on the team. As an example? They remain determined to use Carry-type hero when four other heroes already positioned as Carry and more in need of support. Or not? When he was still using melee heroes while the other four melee.  and you can play Marvel Contest of Champions

2. Voice Chat Abuser

Support voice chat to help coordinate movement and attack players of course be additional outstanding features in DOTA 2. But instead perform these functions properly, there are many gamers who actually makes it no different from a VoIP service. Worse? When they start exchanging foreign language you can not understand, in a loud volume, and does not have any significance in the battle that you live. Combine with four-letter words? A nightmare in itself.

3. Solo Player

Sharing duties, money, and experience has become one of the obstacles in DOTA 2. Gamers who already knows his role very well be running a major task in the team well too. But not infrequently, many gamers DOTA 2 is often forgotten that a MOBA game is a game that is designed to make the team battle as the most essential. Battle 5 5 opponents, through a series combination of skills and attacks will determine who had the upper hand and potentially lost. But unfortunately, you will meet with a lot of gamers who play DOTA 2 as a single-player game on the console. Playing in his own line, the pursuit of his own experience and gold, never even joined the team battle when defensive or aggressive, and even killed while trying to fight the enemy team consisting of 5 people alone really frustrating on Marvel Contest of Champions.

4. Character Tester

Just as the interests of the population in big cities when a mall officially opened and a flood of visitors in the first weeks, the phenomenon is also happening in DOTA 2 each time a latest patch brings one or two new characters into the arena and play with Marvel Contest of Champions hack 2017 . You will consistently meet with these new heroes in every match that you encounter. The problem? Not infrequently you’ll find a gamer who plays all this hero with a capital curious and reckless without any skill at all. The result? They turned into a feeder and can not play the heroes of this new standards that may contribute significant skill in battle. Enough to make you shake your head and even a little swearing.

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Square Enix Siapkan Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition untuk Next-Gen?

Publishers and developers have always had a much more “instant” to wash the money. Rather than go through the process that berkepenjangan to deliver a series of new games or even franchise though, there are some policies are far quicker to capture the interest of gamers as consumers. One of the most effective? No doubt – HD Remaster. Utilizing a sense of nostalgia as well as providing an opportunity for new players to sample the charm of the beginning of the franchise, HD Remaster always effective for the franchise legacy that has been aged for years, or even attend two previous generations. But who would have thought, that this process turned out to run faster on next-gen platforms and visit Madden NFL Mobile.

With the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, which officially will be launched this month and marks the presence of next-gen platform is certainly better, some developers seem to begin to consider the “Remaster” for a series of games that have not even released a long time in the current generation. This is indicated from the latest information leaked in the giant retail sites – Amazon Italy. One product page shows the title “Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition” from Square Enix, which is intended for the Playstation 4 and Madden NFL Mobile. The product description clearly write “This game will load all the DLC with a special edition of the next-gen consoles. Pre-orders will also offer exclusive packages and art book “. This product is also written in dated January 24, 2013 as the release date.
Information from Amazon Italy which is the source of the rumors. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition indicates the re-release of Tomb Raider reboot for next-gen platform.

Does this refer to a port Madden NFL Mobile hack reboot process towards next-gen platform? Square Enix still has not confirmed anything regarding the rumors on this one. If it ends the true and real, it is not likely this will be the beginning for more projects to the next-gen Remaster that came even earlier than expected. Good news or bad news?

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Patch Latest Official COD: Ghosts Lower the RAM requirement?

Call of Duty for this is known as FPS franchise is quite friendly to PC gamers with a rig that is not too strong. In contrast to the competitors – Battlefield demanding specifications are heavy, Call of Duty has always made a framerate of 60fps as standard development, rather than engines that look fabulous in the visualization. However, the presence of the latest series -FIFA 17 inviting big question mark. As if destroying the identity that has been built so far, this latest series of up to 40 GB of storage demands and needs up to 6 GB of RAM. RAM requirement is that finally provoked controversy of its own.

How come? Rejecting run on a PC that does not carry the 6 GB RAM, hackers succeeded in proving that the Ghosts can actually walk in the RAM 4 GB, with no problems. A solution for gamers pirated, the program called “RAMFix” became too risky for gamers owner Ghosts game ori. Strong criticism and cries of gamers ended up with Infinity Ward has no alternative. Infinity Ward officially announced that the Ghosts would get massive patch in the near future. Though it has not explained what it contains, but one user on Reddit community revealed that this patch will include some extra content such as Broadcasters Mode and regulations eSports in it. Interestingly? This patch will also reduce the need for minimum PC specifications FIFA 17 of 6 GB of RAM to only 4 GB.

Infinity Ward is believed to be launching a latest patch for the Ghosts. In addition to containing a variety of new modes, this patch will also reduce minimum of 6 GB RAM requirements to only 4 GB and get FIFA 17 Coin Generator .

Patch is certainly more mengudang big question mark. If indeed this game can be played on a PC with 4 GB of RAM only formally, why Infinity Ward still impose 6 GB of RAM in the beginning? Mysterious ..

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